• Golf Cart High Performance Golf Buggy 4 Seater LEGEND G4

    Golf Cart High Performance Golf Buggy 4 Seater LEGEND G4

    Frame and Structure: Crafted from sturdy carbon steel

    Propulsion System: Employs a KDS AC motor with power options of either 5KW or 6.3KW

    Control Hub: Operates using a Curtis 400A controller

    Battery Choices: Offers the choice between a maintenance-free 48v 150AH lead acid battery or a 48v/72V 105AH lithium battery

    Charging Capability: Equipped with a versatile AC100-240V charger

    Front Suspension: Features an independent MacPherson suspension design

    Rear Suspension: Utilizes an integrated trailing arm rear axle

    Braking Mechanism: Deploys a hydraulic four-wheel disc brake system

    Parking Brake: Incorporates an electromagnetic parking brake system for secure parking

    Foot Pedals: Integrates sturdy cast aluminum pedals

    Wheel Assembly: Equipped with aluminum alloy rims/wheels in 10 or 12 inches

    Certified Tires: Comes with road tires that meet DOT certification standards for safety

    Mirror and Illumination: Includes side mirrors with integrated turn signal lights, an interior mirror, and comprehensive LED lighting throughout the product line

    Roof Structure: Features a robust injection-molded roof for added strength

    Windshield Protection: Offers a DOT certified flip windshield for enhanced safety

    Entertainment System: Showcases a 10.1-inch multimedia unit providing speed and mileage data, temperature readings, Bluetooth connectivity, USB playback, Apple CarPlay compatibility, a reverse camera, and a pair of built-in speakers for a complete infotainment experience.