The ACE H4+2 Electric Golf Cart!

·Chassis and frame: carbon steel
·KDS AC 5KW/VC-TECH 6.3KW motor
·Controller: Curtis/ENPOWER 400A controller
·Battery: Maintenance-free 6X8v 105AH lead-acid/48v/72V 105AH lithium battery charger: AC100-240V charger
·Front suspension: MacPherson independent suspension
·Rear suspension: Integrated trailing arm rear axle
·Braking system: Four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes
·Parking brake system: electromagnetic parking system
·pedal: one-piece cast aluminum pedal
·Rims/wheels: 12/14-inch aluminum alloy wheels
·Tires: DOT off-road tires
·Rearview mirror with turn signal + interior rearview mirror
·Full range of full LED lighting
·Roof:injection molded roof
·Windshield: DOT certified flip-up windshield
·Infotainment system: 10.1-inch multimedia unit with speed display, mileage display, temperature, Bluetooth, USB playback, Apple CarPlay, reversing camera and 2 speakers
Info more:https://www.dachivehicle.com/ace-h42-product/


Post time: Mar-27-2024