Trustworthy china supplier customized 2 seater forge g2 electric golf cart

"Trustworthy china supplier customized 2 seater forge g2 electric golf cart"
The chassis and frame of the FORGE G2 golf cart are made of carbon steel, which is both lightweight and strong, ensuring the superior performance and durability of the vehicle. This not only provides stable support for the entire vehicle, but also provides the driver with a sense of security.

Its power uses a combination of KDS AC 5KW/6.3KW motor and Curtis 400A controller. This configuration can bring strong and reliable power output to the vehicle. Whether starting off or climbing a hill, the golf cart exhibits excellent power and acceleration. As for the battery system, we provide two options: 48V 150AH maintenance-free lead-acid battery and 48V/72V 105AH lithium battery. Whatever your needs are in terms of range or charging time, we've got you covered.

At the same time, golf cart suspension is excellent. The front suspension adopts MacPherson independent suspension, which provides the vehicle with excellent stability and comfort. The rear suspension adopts an integrated trailing arm rear axle design, which not only improves the rigidity of the suspension, but also effectively absorbs shock to ensure ride comfort.

Golf carts are also a focus of ours when it comes to safety. The four-wheel hydraulic disc brake system provides reliable and sensitive braking effect, providing the driver with safety guarantee in various situations. Moreover, the electromagnetic parking system makes parking easier. You only need to press a button to lock the vehicle without worrying about the vehicle sliding backward.

We believe it will become a beautiful companion in your life and bring you a comfortable and convenient travel experience. Come and experience our FORGE G2 golf cart now and start your luxurious travel journey!

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Post time: Oct-26-2023