Customized New Currents Best Sellers Off-Road Trailer RV Travel Trailers DT521

Customized New Currents Best Sellers Off-Road Trailer RV Travel Trailers DT521


Super strong chassis

Extremely large panoramic windows

Stamping forming processed sheet metal

Smart home appliance system


Power Control Center

600W Solar Panel

Independent multifunctional bathroom

Cabin material:The side layer made under negative pressure platform lamination process.

DT521 (2)

  • Basic Parameters

    • Length (mm)


    • Width (mm)


    • Height (mm)


    • Carriage Length (mm)


    • Internal Height (mm)


    • Maximum Speed (km/h)


  • Chassis Configuration

    • AL-KO Car Axle

      High-strength Steel Frame

    • AL-KO Connector

      Towing Signal Line Plug

    • AL-KO Brake System

      AL-KO Supporting Wheels

    • Wheels

      AL-KO shock absorber

    • Aluminum Alloy Wheel Hubs

      Support Legs

    • Spare Tire

  • Body and Exterior

    • Cabin

      Bi-directional Ventilation Skylight

    • Entrance Door

      Signal Lights

    • Windows

  • Interior

    • Lightweight Board Furniture

      Integrated Bathroom with ABS Waterproof Kit

    • PVC Floor

      Kitchen Cabinet

    • Independent Wardrobe

      Circular Sofa

    • Refrigerator Cabinet

      Double Bed

  • Water System

    • 120L Freshwater Tank

      Shower Head

    • 40L Greywater Tank

      Faucet and Sink

    • Seaflo Water Pump

      External Shower

    • Water Inlet

      Diesel Air Heater System

    • Thetford Box-type Toilet with 16L

      Water Storage Tank

  • Electrical System

    • Integrated Control System

      LED lighting

    • 600W Solar Panel

      12V Refrigerator

    • 400Ah Lithium Battery

      3000W Charger and Inverter Integrated Machine

    • Coulomb Meter

      Air Conditioning

    • Mains power interface

      Smoke Alarm

    • Vehicle Charging Harness

      800W Induction Cooker

    • LED Lighting

  • Optional Configurations

    • Ventilation

      Washing Machine

    • Lithium Battery (400Ah)


    • 100W Solar Panel

      ETS Electronic Stability System

    • Mover

      KS25 High-Speed Stabilizer

    • Step

      KS Special Lock

    • Awning 3x2.5m

DT521 (7)

The HIGHLIGHT Travel Trailer is a marvel of modern engineering and design, offering a unique blend of comfort and functionality. Here are two distinct ways to describe its key features:

1.Luxurious: The HIGHLIGHT Travel Trailer redefines luxury in the world of travel trailers. It boasts a spacious interior with high-end finishes, comfortable seating, and a fully-equipped kitchen. The sleeping quarters are cozy and inviting, ensuring a good night’s sleep after a day of adventure. The bathroom is compact yet functional, with modern fixtures and plenty of storage space.

2.Practical: The HIGHLIGHT Travel Trailer is not just about luxury, it’s also incredibly practical. It features ample storage space for all your travel necessities. The trailer is easy to tow, with a streamlined design that reduces drag and improves fuel efficiency. It’s also designed to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring your comfort and safety on the road.

In summary, the HIGHLIGHT Travel Trailer offers a perfect balance of luxury and practicality, making it an excellent choice for your travel needs.

Certainly, here are two more unique ways to describe the HIGHLIGHT Travel Trailer:

3.Adventurous: The HIGHLIGHT Travel Trailer is built for the adventurous at heart. Its rugged construction and off-road capabilities make it the perfect companion for those who love to explore the great outdoors. Whether you’re heading to the mountains, the beach, or anywhere in between, the HIGHLIGHT Travel Trailer is ready for any adventure.

4.Homely: Despite being on the road, the HIGHLIGHT Travel Trailer offers all the comforts of home. Its well-designed interior features a cozy living area, a functional kitchen, and a comfortable sleeping space. It’s like having your own portable home-away-from-home.

In essence, the HIGHLIGHT Travel Trailer is both adventurous and homely, making it an excellent choice for those who love to travel without compromising on comfort.

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