Maneo STD Campervan

Maneo STD Campervan



Cruise control

Electronic handbrake

Vehicle stability system

Seat belt reminder

Multifunction steering wheel

Driver and passenger airbags

Tire pressure monitoring system

Brake force distribution system

Reverse camera + parking sensors

Brake assist system Traction control system

  • Basic Parameters

    • Length * Width * Height (mm)


    • Wheelbase (mm)


    • Curb Weight (kg)


    • Gross Weight (kg)


    • Seating Capacity

      6 persons

    • Engine Model/Displacement

      Cummins 2.8T/2780ml

    • Fuel Type


    • Engine Power (kw)


    • Transmission

      French PUNCH 6AT

    • Brakes

      Front and rear ventilated disc brakes

    • Parking Brake

      Electronic automatic parking brake/auto-hold

    • Front Suspension

      MacPherson independent suspension

    • Rear Suspension

      Adjustable air suspension

    • Wheels

      16-inch aluminum alloy wheels

    • Tire Specification/Tire Quantity


    • Steering

      Hydraulic power-assisted steering

    • Main/Co-Driver Safety Airbags

      Wide-angle rearview mirror

  • Safety Features

    • ESP

      fog lights

    • 6-seat safety belts

    • Main/Co-Driver 360-degree rotating seats

      Multi-function steering wheel

  • Comfort Configurations

    • Central door lock

      Main/Co-Driver seat armrests

    • Combined instrument panel

      Driver's cabin seat wrapping

  • Air Conditioning System

    • Driving air conditioning

      Bathroom exhaust fan

    • Xiaomi variable frequency air conditioning

      Fuel heating system

    • Aluminum composite cabin

      3×2.5m RV awning

  • Vehicle Exterior

    • Passenger door (with screen door)

      Electric step

    • External push-out window (with hidden bed curtain)

      Body stripes

    • hanging cabinet

      Wet and dry separation rotating door for the bathroom

  • Interior Space

    • Lift-up six-way adjustable coffee table

      Rear longitudinal double bed

    • Multi-function wardrobe

      Classic L-shaped seating

    • Wet and dry separation integrated bathroom

      Lightweight and environmentally friendly furniture boards

    • Integrated cabinet

      138L RV-specific refrigerator

  • Kitchen System

    • sink

      Microwave oven

    • Optional External Kitchen

    • Quick-connect piping system

      50L waste water tank

  • Water and Sanitary System

    • RV-specific water pump

      Box-type toilet

    • Bathroom basin/faucet

      Gravity water inlet

    • Showerhead

      Washing machine

    • 185L fresh water tank

      Fuel hot water system

    • LED lighting system with interior partition control

      3000W frequency inverter

  • Power System

    • Interior LED ambient lights

      Touchscreen centralized control system

    • Awning LED light strip

      Power sockets 12V/230V/USB

    • 800W solar panel

      Mains power interface, external sockets, 15m cable Exterior lights

    • 800Ah lithium battery

      Exterior lights

  • Monitoring and Alarm

    • In-car navigation/reverse imaging system LPG

      Fire extinguisher

    • gas and monoxide alarm

  • Optional Accessories

    • Rear ladder

      Dashboard Camera

    • Bicycle rack

      360-degree Surround View System or Four-channel Monitoring System (Choose one)

    • Front manual sunroof(with hidden curtains)

      Manual support legs

    • Dual-fuel gas and LPG external kitchen

      3.5×3m RV awning

    • Projector + projection screen

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