Golf Cart Golf Buggy Lithium Battery 4 Seater FALCON H2+2

Golf Cart Golf Buggy Lithium Battery 4 Seater FALCON H2+2


Chassis and Frame: Constructed from carbon steel

KDS AC Motor: 5KW/6.3KW

Controller: Curtis 400A controller

Battery Options: Choose between a maintenance-free 48V 150AH lead-acid battery or a 48V/72V 105AH lithium battery

Charging: Equipped with an AC100-240V charger

Front Suspension: Utilizes MacPherson independent suspension

Rear Suspension: Features an integrated trailing arm rear axle

Brake System: Comes with four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes

Parking Brake: Employs an electromagnetic parking system

Pedals: Integrates sturdy cast aluminum pedals

Rim/Wheel: Fitted with 12/14-inch aluminum alloy wheels

Tires: Equipped with DOT-approved off-road tires

Mirrors and Lighting: Includes side mirrors with turn signal lights, an interior mirror, and comprehensive LED lighting throughout the entire lineup

Roof: Showcases an injection-molded roof

Windshield: Complies with DOT standards and is a flip windshield

Entertainment System: Features a 10.1-inch multimedia unit with speed display, mileage display, temperature, Bluetooth, USB playback, Apple CarPlay, a reverse camera, and two speakers.

  •  Power

    • Motor


    • Horsepower


    • Batteries

      Six (6) 8V150AH maintenance-free lead acid (optional 48V/72V 105AH lithium )battery

    • Charger

      Integrated, automatic 48V DC, 20 amp, AC100-240V charger

    • Max Speed

      Varies from 40km/h to 50km/h

  • Steering & Suspension

    • Steering Mechanism

      Self-adjusting rack & pinion

    • Front Suspension

      Independent MacPherson suspension.

    • Rear Suspension

      Trailing arm suspension

  • Brakes

    • Braking System

      Hydraulic disc brakes on all four wheels.

    • Park Brake

      Utilizes an electromagnetic parking brake system

  • Body & Tires

    • Exterior Finish

      Finished with automotive paint and clearcoat.

    • Tires Specifications

      Equipped with either 230/10.5-12 or 220/10-14 road tires.

    • Wheel Size

      Available in 12-inch or 14-inch variations.

    • Ground Clearance

      Ground clearance ranges from 150mm to 200mm.


Introducing the Ultimate Off-Road Golf Cart: Unleash Your Adventure!

1. All-Terrain Dominance: Our off-road golf cart is built to conquer any landscape with rugged tires and a powerful suspension. Take it on dirt trails, rocky paths, or through the woods – no terrain is too tough!

2. High-Performance Engine: The heart of this beast is a high-performance engine that’s ready to rev. Feel the power as you navigate the wild outdoors, leaving ordinary golf carts in the dust.

3. Off-Road Ready: Designed for adventure, our off-road golf cart boasts sturdy construction, ensuring it can handle the most demanding off-road conditions. Whether you’re camping, hunting, or exploring, it’s your trusty sidekick.

4. Comfortable Seating: Don’t compromise on comfort! Sink into our plush, ergonomically designed seats, and let the adventure unfold in luxury. Your back will thank you after a long day of exploration.

5. Intuitive Controls: Maneuvering through rough terrain is a breeze with our user-friendly controls. Precision steering and effortless acceleration make off-road adventures accessible to everyone.

6. Ample Storage: We know adventurers need gear. Our off-road golf cart features ample storage space, ensuring you can bring along all your essentials for a day of exploration.

7. Impressive Range: With an extended battery life, our off-road golf cart is your ticket to extended adventures. No need to worry about running out of power while you’re in the midst of nature’s beauty.

8. Advanced Safety: Safety is paramount. Enjoy peace of mind with advanced safety features, including roll bars, safety belts, and LED lighting for nighttime escapades.

9. Customizable Options: Make it your own! Choose from a range of colors and accessories to customize your off-road golf cart to match your style and needs.

10. Eco-Friendly: Embrace adventure without leaving a footprint. Our off-road golf cart is eco-friendly, running on clean energy to protect the environment you love to explore.

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